Devi Nandana

July 1st, as most of you know it, was Doctors day. We all said “Happy Doctors Day” and moved on with our shredded lives.

But, does it really do something? Does it change a life?


About 75% of doctors have been violently beaten by family members because the doctor didn’t save their relative.

You can’t blame either, for there’s nobody to blame.

Doctors go through so much. They see people suffocate. They see people bleed. They see people cry. They’ve been fighting COVID for about 1.5 years now.

A simple 3 words won’t do anything.

Maybe it gives a little spark of joy in their hearts, maybe that’s enough. But the wound is still burning. The world is still on flames..



91.5 percent of earth is covered by the ocean. There’s no way that we know everything about it. There’s a lot to explore in the ocean. So here are some facts about the ocean animals!

  1. Orcas, more known as Killer Whales are not whales. They are part of the dolphin family.

2. Jellyfish has been on the earth for more than 600 million years. They are older than dinosaurs!